Better Call Saul

March 31, 2014
Mike Dolpies

The other day… I rocked my “Better Call Saul” T-shirt for the first time. Mike Dolpies, Internet Marketing Expert

Who is Saul?

Are you a Breaking Bad fan?

This show was one of the most entertaining and brilliantly put together series in history… Still… some don’t like the show simply because of its subject matter.

Any business person would be missing out if they didn’t watch this show.

The hooks used to get you to watch the next episode are amazing.

The acting.

Watching Walter White go from timid nobody to “Bad Ass” somebody.

White had true passion for his business… even though his business was iligal.

Lot’s of great lessons.

Saul Goodman was White’s lawyer and advisor.

Saul made his debut to the show when Walt encountered his fist bit of legal trouble.

Saul’s character was hilarious.

Full of good ideas he packaged inside of colorful metaphors.

Saul always “Knew a guy.” He had all sorts of connections.

He served as a sounding board.  Many times he was the voice of reason.

He was paid well for his services.

While we all don’t need a shady attorney who is also a criminal… we do need a sounding board.

We all need a Consigliere.

“Consigliere (Italian consigliere “counselor”, pronounced [konsiʎˈʎɛːre], roughly kohn-seel-yehr-eh) is a position within the leadership structure of Sicilian and American Mafia. The word was popularized by the novel The Godfather (1969), and its film adaptation. In the novel, a consigliere is an adviser or counselor to the boss.”

One of the activities I really enjoy most about helping our clients is when I get a question by phone or email from them.

Or when we discuss analytics and web stats to adjust and implement new ideas.

Business could be lonely at times. Not everyone “gets it.” Employees don’t. Family doesn’t.

Talk to you soon,

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