Can we help you get to More TARGETED Facebook Page “Likes?”

From Mike D. & Elsa

Dear Business Owner,

For the last 10 years we have been helping small businesses with online marketing.

We have seen many ideas, concepts and (Schemes) come and go.Get more Facebook likes!

It is true the internet marketing world is constantly evolving.

You must have solid principles.. yes... but also be ready to adjust.

The world of Social Media is still relatively new even though it is maturing fast.

The juggernaut of Social Media is Facebook.

The FACT is...

Your Potential Clients and Customers ARE on Facebook.

Facebook is the World's Largest “Directory of People.”

EVERYONE is on Facebook. (even people who say they're not!)

600 million people log in to their Facebook accounts every day!

As we look around at “Marketing on Facebook” most of the time we see a very sad picture.

Businesses who constantly Miss Out on the vast possibilites that Facebook Marketing offers.

Chances are you're way below the amount of targeted “Page Likes” it takes to really make an impact.

We see most businesses stuck at 150, 200, 300 – maybe 500 Page Likes.

Don't get us wrong – 500 “Page Likes” might seem like a lot to you.

Or maybe you're offended because you have “more than 500 likes.” Even still – you could be doing so much better.

The reality is...


We can get you more Facebook likes!

The problem with 99% of small businesses on Facebook is they only using Facebook for about 10% of its true power.


Facebook has created a system to reward your buisness if you work hard to attract the most relevant and targeted “page likes.”

In short –

Facebook Wants YOU to Have “More Likes” Than Your Competition.

When you have more, targeted, relevant and quality likes for your business – you will win the Facebook Marketing game.

So why should you even care about having “more page likes?”

1- More targeted page likes = Social Proof:

Facebook is social. Friends of your “Page Likes” (which are also most-likely to be “ideal prospects, customers and clients”) will see their friends “liking” you.

2- More targeted page likes = more “buzz”:

Don't you think having 2000 or 4000 people like your business would create more “buzz” for your business than only having 200 or 400?

3-More targeted page likes = a direct line of marketing:

There's a secret to Facebook marketing that most people do not know. We can't reveal it here – but more pages likes = more “potential customers/clients” that you can have a direct line of communication with.

This secret is NOT about posting your “status updates” either. As you know – most of your status updates don't get seen.

4- More targeted page likes = INFLUENCE:

When you have more page likes – we can show them off with “pride.”
We can show off our pages likes on your company website. This “influence” sub-consciously tells people...“Wow – this company MUST be good– look at all the people who like


If you've read this far – great. Maybe you're ready for the next step.

Perhaps you're ready to Get More Likes for Your Business So You Can Get More Return from Your Facebook Marketing.

The first step is for you to tell us a little bit about your current Facebook situation and your goals.

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