The A-Word of Internet Marketing

September 30, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Internet Marketing is About the A-Word & Luck

Before we get to it…

The word is…

This week’s quote… (about luck)

“When you have left it to chance, then all of a sudden you don’t have any more luck.”-

-Basketball Coach, Pat Riley

OK… onward with the A word.

Not sure if you have heard about Ello.

It’s the new upstart social network that wants to take on Facebook with a noble cause…

No Advertising. EVER!

The founders are crying foul. And they have influenced millions of people to their cause.

Sure… it’s true. Facebook sells your data.

They buy it from users with a free social network and then sell it to marketers.

Will an “ad-free” social network with not many other solid revenue streams survive? Maybe.

But what about the bigger picture of the internet and mobile?

It’s about the “A” word. Attention.

Where attention goes ad dollars will follow.

But that’s not it. What gives Internet Advertising its power is the ability to track and gather data.

To target based on keywords and conversations.

To find someone the moment they are looking and searching for you.

By Geography, Demographic info and all sorts of other ways.

But it still comes down to “attention.”

The internet is where the attention is.

Mobile (In particular – Mobile Apps) is where the attention is.

Side Note: Almost 80% of time spent on mobile is inside apps.

Simple Attention Plan:

1-  Be sure your website is found on Google and Bing (Yes – Bing too)

2-  Generate Leads and Keep a Database.

3-  Email Marketing to Both Prospects and Current Customers/Clients.

4-  Choose the best Social Media Network that fits your needs. Facebook is best for consumer-facing businesses.

5-  Have your own Mobile App to easily stay in touch and further engage your customers/clients.

Have a great week.

And remember… where the Attention goes… is where the ad dollars flow.



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