July 09, 2012
Mike Dolpies

If you took ten different wealth-mindset/abundance gurus and put their materials side by side I bet you’d notice most will tell you not to use one phrase. They say this phrase can do more to hurt your chances of prosperity than anything else.

The phrase…

“I can’t afford it” or “we can’t afford it!” The wealth gurus will tell you not to use the phrase when it comes to anything… Taking a vacation, making a purchase, etc. They’ll tell you saying “I can’t afford it” automatically defeats you and kills your chances of attracting the financial means and riches you seek.

I agree! In fact I first heard Robert Kiyosaki talk about it when I was in my early 20’s. Why did I implement his advice? Because I was buying his words hook, line and sinker? Not at all.

The reason I implemented his advice is on the “Can’t Afford It” thing is because I really do believe the “I can’t afford it” knee-jerk reaction is certainly a defeated mindset. And, really… who wants to be defeated that quickly?

Of course only idiots will take this idea and go out and buy whatever their heart desires. Your alternative to “I can’t afford it” is up to you. You can simply not look at items you know you don’t have the current cash-flow to purchase. Or, you can look at those things and set a goal to have the cash-flow and ability to buy them.

I’m only laying ground work here with the “Can’t Afford It” thing.

Something Worse!

There is a much more deadly phrase out there that sabotages the success of more business owners than anything else. And that’s…

I’m unable to implement.”

Meaning. They learn something. (Like all Business Owners Should Keep Doing!) They hear a great idea. They see proven concepts that others have used to reach their goals. They know these ideas can work for them too. But they don’t implement.

Why? The common excuses for “unabletoimplementitus” (unable to implement itus) are…

“No time.”

“Too busy.”

“Haven’t implemented the last four ideas I learned.”

“On second thought I don’t think this will work for me.”

Or, probably the worst one…

“I tried it and it did not work right away, so I stopped.”

All breakthroughs are based on ideas that need to be implemented. And better to implement fast rather than slow.

How to Implement…

The key is really to take the pressure off. Too many business owners get easily flustered and over-whelmed with information. Because of this overwhelm they tune good ideas and data out that can really help them if acted on.

Step Number 1 on Implementing More…

Learn More! Consume more information. Go the opposite of everyone who is crying over-whelm and trying to “trim” their info diet. Crazy? NOT AT ALL! The more info you have the better ideas you will get. The more choices you’ll have and therefor you can be choosy and savvy about what to implement.

Step Number 2 on Implementing More…

Add Ideas to Your To-Do list and Give Yourself one Week.

A colleague of mine sends me his newsletter for free. I read it within a day of receiving it each month. (Speed is Key). On page three this month something he wrote triggered and idea on a marketing strategy I should be using in my business. I wrote down the idea and started to implement. It should be totally up and running within two weeks.

Step Number 3 on Implementing More…

Tell Others and Make Them Help You!

Let your team – no matter how small – know of your ideas. Recruit them to help you implement. Then, stay on them for updates and progress. If you don’t hear from them for a few days or see movement – bug them! Don’t stop bothering them until the idea is implemented!


Be Flexible. As ideas are implemented and things evolve there’s a good chance the idea will be almost a total 180 from where it started. That’s OK!


About the author

Mike Dolpies Mike Dolpies (aka Mike D.) owns “Ocean View Publishing, LLC” - a diverse media/Internet Marketing and Consulting Company. He started his first business when he was just 18 years old. By the time he was 23 that business had generated well over a Million Dollars in sales and was consistently in the top 20% of its industry. He's the Author of 6 different books. His first book, “Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails,” became a bestseller on Amazon.com He's been a guest on the Fox Morning News several times and has been written about in many newspapers. His work has also appeared on Entrepreneur.com and Fox Businsss.com