Stick Your Neck Out And Do Some Content Marketing

September 29, 2013
Mike Dolpies

I heard a great quote the other day…

“The Turtle Gets Ahead by Sticking His Neck Out.”

That’s a good one.

And a nice reminder nothing much gets done unless you take action and do something.

This lesson applies to all aspects of life and business.

But let’s tie this in to “content marketing.”

Content Marketing can take numerous forms…

  • Your Blog/News area of your website.
  • All of social media.
  • Video, written, audio.
  • A print newsletter.
  • An email newsletter.

It’s all content marketing.

Content Marketing is an attempt to give a little.

To stay in touch in ways other than the “normal” -”Hey, look what I have for you to buy!” method.

It’s a way to give the world a peek into your business… into your mind… to share your ideas and expertise.

Some people will appreciate your work and others won’t.

To that… another great quote…

“Some will, some won’t, so what!”

Sadly… most small business owners don’t stick their necks out enough when it comes to content marketing.

Many are not sure what to say.

Some are afraid to make a mistake.

You won’t get ahead that way.

Do something and stick your neck out a little.

And guess what…

The Law or Probabilities says you’ll surely mess up once in a while.

I messed up the other day.

In my email subject line I wrote “Roomer” instead of “Rumor.”

Dumb Ass – I know.

Silly mistake.

The Law of Probabilities at work.


Of course, always double check your work. (In this case I clearly did not!)

But if you stick your neck out and mess up don’t be so hard on yourself.

Make something happen.

Enjoy the week!

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