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March 16, 2014
Mike Dolpies

The crying has died down.


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It has given way to many who have thrown up their hands in disgust.

What are we talking about here?

How Facebook has evolved the “New Feed” over the years and really changed things for business pages.

Here are the facts and then I’ll give you a little case study from last week.

On average a Facebook User (Your Customer/Client/Prospect) could possibly see 1500 pieces of information in their Facebook News Feed every time they jump on Facebook.

That’s because – they like X amount of pages and have, on average 150 or so friends.

That’s a ton of info.

So much that it would quickly over-whelm you.

But Facebook is smart.

They don’t show their users every possible piece of information.

No – No!

Actually, that’s one reason Twitter has such a turn-over problem.

Anyway… Facebook only shows each user what it “sorta knows” they want to see.

And guess what?

Facebook is not far off because people keep returning.

In addition…

Facebook is NOT a place that people go to look at “deals” and “updates” from businesses.

Sure.. they cared enough to like your page – but they go on Facebook to see what friends are up to.

And this is another reason Facebook does not show the average user information from “Business Pages.”

Nope… you have to work at it.

Most of the time you have to nail some good content.

If you nail some good content Facebook will show your stuff to more of your “likes.”

Then… you’ll get some traction.

After that… Guess What?


There’s a strategy between using ads to promote “offers and deals” and simply using ads to make sure even “non-sales” updates get through.

And this is a “new and evolving” Facebook strategy that leads to greater impact and interest in what you have.

Last week… just with a two day experiment on two different pages serving completely different markets that strategy proved successful.

Both pages have about 2700 page likes each.

We decided to do a “Post Engagement Ad” for each – targeted at very specific audiences that are good prospects for each business.

One of these posts ended up with a reach of 6500. Around 5200 was a result of using targeted ads.

Of course… beyond an amazing “bang for the buck” as far as reach goes – the re-engagement of page likes and buzz generated was well worth the small ad spend.

The main take-aways…

More and more Facebook Marketing is becoming a place where your skills with Facebook Ads will determine most of your businesses success on Facebook.

It’s no different than the community newspaper of old.

Most were free and supported by advertising.

If you were a business with something to talk about you had to either…

A) Get some good editorial out there that the paper would like. (and you had a prayer of them running it for you.)

B) Buy an Ad.

Until Next Time.


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