Power of Facebook Sponsored Stories

April 02, 2012
Mike Dolpies

Before we discuss the power of Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories let’s quickly give you a simple definition. If you want your eyes to glaze over a little feel free to find Facebook’s definition in their help area.

For your purposes will focus on two types of Facebook Sponsored Stories.

1- The Page Like Story: This one is ideal for building “Social Credibility.” The idea is to target the friends of your pages current “Fans” or “Likes.” A little ad will show up and let the Facebook user know… “Mike Likes Your Business.”  facebook ads marketing

2- The Page Post Story: I bet you thought your current “Fans/Likes” were always seeing your updates, right? Nope! Once they stop interacting with your business Facebook stops putting you in front of them. But you can get to them again. And that’s just one way to use “Page Post Stories.”

With a Page Post Story you are basically paying to have your content displayed and cut through the clutter of the news feed. With this strategy your post will show up on the user’s page. If your post is good enough they’ll interact with you.

A Page Post Story can be used to target three kinds of users: First, we target our existing likes and fans. Next we target their friends, then we can target our ideal prospects.

The key is to only use a post that has gained some traction.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you make a fun time out of announcing something new and you get some “traction.” You take that post and buy a story. Now, your fun announcement advertising your new service/product gets shown to the exact people you want in a very cost-effective way.

If you’re not exploring the power of Facebook Ads you’re really doing yourself a disservice.



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