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May 27, 2013
Mike Dolpies

On Sunday when I came in from the garage and stepped into the kitchen I noticed one of our big metal trays out on the

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I grabbed it to put it away (like a good husband should WITHOUT being told) and Jamie, my wife, said…


“No, leave it. Lara is borrowing it.” (Lara is our neighbor around the block).

About an hour later Jamie told us she was making some homemade cookies for dessert.

As she was gathering up the ingredients she realized we were out of brown sugar.

I did not feel like going to the store.

Once I am in – I do not feel like going back out. Especially for just one thing.

I said…

“Perhaps Lara can lend you some sugar?

I can walk over with the pan and grab it…? A fair exchange for sure!”

Jamie sent Lara a text.

Fifteen minutes later I was off to exchange the pan for some brown sugar.

As I walked up to their house I saw they had done some digging.

It was easy to see they were digging a walk-way from their drive way to their front door.

After Lara and I exchanged greetings and our items she offered to show me what they were up to with the digging.

As she told me their plans I said…

“So, you’re going to need some ‘hard-scape’ expertise?”

“Yes!” was her reply.

Pause right there.

I know someone who is in the very business they need.

He specializes in “Hard-Scapes.”

He does not want to mow your lawn.

He is not really the guy who will seed and make it green either.

His whole niche is building awesome out-door living spaces to the very basic of walk-ways.

I have seen some of his work too.

We’re talking solid granite fire pits with granite seating built around them.

Some really sweet out-door stuff!

And of course – he can do a simple walkway.

This guy has been around for a while but guess what…

He does not yet have a website.

As I was telling Lara about him she asked the question that every prospect asks at the “Zero Moment of Truth”…

She said…

“Can you give me his website address?”

Of course she wanted to see some of his work.

At that moment I shook my head inside.

I said…

“Actually, Lara, he has been talking to us for the last couple of months about doing a website. He does not have one yet but I do think he has a basic portfolio online somewhere – but why don’t I email him and copy you and make the introduction? – this way he can respond with what you need.”

She agreed and I made the introduction when I got home.

We shall see what happens.

Now think about this…

This is NOT you but did you know… about 50% of businesses do not have a website?

Crazy right?

1,000,000 consumers were surveyed and 56% would not trust a business without a site.

So you’re saying… “I have a site.”

I know – so here’s the next important point…

Do you regularly ask yourself and your key staff the key question…

“What step does our website play in our sales process?”

This – is the “Zero Moment of Truth.”

Think about how it would play out in the situation described above…

I would have given Lara the site address.

But still copied her on an email intro.

If the site was designed to aid in the “flow” of the prospect experience and “convert” it would take her along the way of choosing my “hard-scape associate” for her project.

And “design” by the way… is NOT just about how the site looks.

Steve Jobs said something like… Design is also about how it works.

One of the best ways to design your site with “flow” is using my “Triple E + G Formula.”

Do you know about the “Triple E + G Formula” for getting websites to convert?

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to it in my complimentary ebook…

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