Being a Link Fool Will Hurt Your Google Rankings

October 17, 2013
Mike Dolpies

A short while back we started doing some emails on “Google Rankings Factors.”

Google Campus 2

Google Campus 2 (Photo credit: TedsBlog)

Basically – taking a whole bunch of little (and big) deal stuff when it comes to your site organically ranking well on Google and Google Local.

First – Why have I focused on Google?

Because I’m an Android User?


Because in the month of September Google controlled 66.9% of the search market.

Microsoft (Bing) accounted for 18%.

Followed by…

Yahoo (Which uses Bing) at 11.3%.

Ask Network at 2.5%

and finally…

AOL at 1.3%

Google Rankings Matter!


The Ranking Factor we’ll talk about in this post was once again inspired by a website redesign project we’re working on.

This client works as a distributor for numerous manufactures.

Of course, these manufacturers give them a ton of resources including, images and web links to use in their sales and marketing.

And I would agree in some cases it makes sense to “link out” to other qualified websites.

In this case – web visitor can get more information on a particular product by clicking over to the manufacturer’s site.

But… and there’s always a BUT…

You can not overdo external links.


You will kill your website in the eyes of Google if you “link out” too much.

Doing so will tell Google…

“Hey, my site is no authority on this topic so we have to keep sending you to other websites, go here instead.”

Makes sense, huh?

Right… it does.

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