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Independent Sales Representative and Affiliate Agreement

This agreement is between Ocean View Publishing, LLC, hereafter referred to as “Company” interested Affiliate hereafter referred to as “Sales Rep.”

Company is an internet market service which provides Website Design, SEO, Google Adwords & Facebook Ads Management, Content Marketing, Mobile Apps and Consulting Services under the name “”

Company works with small businesses with 3 to 30 employees (and sometimes more/less).Restaurants, Contractors, Service Companies & Fitness/Martial Arts Studios are Primary Targets.

Sales Rep agrees to accurately represent Company and market/sell services to desired audience.

Company will pay Sales Rep up 50% of “up-front” fees collected from clients. These fees are often collected in installment payments. Company will pay sales rep within 7 days of collecting fees from client. At no time can Sales Rep collect fees directly from client. Client will always be required to pay Company. Company will pay Sales Rep.

Company will pay Sales Rep up to 10% of on-going monthly service fees collected from client and paid to Company. Company charges anywhere from $19/m to $900/m depending on the scope of the project/service. Company will pay Sales Rep within 30 days of collecting payments from clients. Company will pay monthly commissions for as longs as Company is collecting payments from client. Once client stops paying all payments to Sales Rep also stop. These transactions are trackable via affiliate software used by Company. At no time can Sales Rep collect monthly fees directly from client. Client will always be required to pay Company. Company will pay Sales Rep on monthlies once per month on or around the 5th of each month. Note: A minimum monthly amount of $200 must be billed in order for rep to collect monthly payments.

Note! If a client stops payment to Company via a credit chargeback or stop-payment on a check or a check written to company does not clear – Company can withhold commission to Sales Rep. In cases where a payment was already made to Sales Rep this cost will be paid back to Company and/or applied to a future payment from Company to Sales Rep.

Company will NOT require Sales Rep to work standard hours.

Sales Rep must provide all necessary equipment for optimal performance. Phone, Laptop and Internet Connection are recommended.

Company provides sales rep the following resources…

Company Email Address

Written Training

Audio Training

Video Training

On-going digital communication

Limited Phone Support

Limited In-Person Support

**If these tools are used for other business efforts NOT Related to the terms of this agreement or for competitive purposes Company has the right to terminate this agreement and not make any additional payments. Company will terminate this agreement upon suspicion and confirmation of any activity that can be detrimental to company.

Sales Rep is encouraged but not required to have regular interaction with Company Representatives.

Sales Rep must accurately represent Company and not engage in any acts of fraud or deceit to complete a sale.

Quotas: To collect full commissions and residual income sales rep is required to bring at least one “new” customer/client to company each month. If sales rep does not meet these minimum goals company will consider the sales rep “inactive” and will not be obligated to any commissions. A “new” account is defined as a paying client who has never done business with our company. This “new” account must come from direct efforts from the sales rep. Sales Rep can re-active his/her account at any time simply by meeting minimum quotas.

By Pressing Submit Above You Agree to All Terms.