How Google Looks at Site Layout for Your Search Engine Optimization

September 03, 2013
Mike Dolpies

This week I wanted to touch on another factor in Google’s scoring system.

These all have to do with how the site is built.

Call them… Layout Quality and Layout Factors

Priority of Page in Sitemap

The priority a page is given via the sitemap xml file may influence ranking.

A site map is there to help Search Engine Robots easily navigate the site.

You can order these pages and call attention to the ones you want Google to see prominently.

User Friendly Layout

A “Google Quality Guidelines Document” said…

“The page layout on highest quality pages makes the Main Content immediately visible.”

Basically, your important content is easily discovered because the layout of the page makes it easily discoverable.

Title Tag Starts With Keyword.

Again – this comes back to the importance of how the site is built.

But let’s go back to “User Friendly Layout” for a second.

In a recent round of changes to Google Adwords (that’s Google’s flagship product and how they make their billions) it’s easy to see what Google is up to…

I will leave out most of the details but all the changes and enhancements are about “multiple screens.”

The average internet user accesses the internet with three devices.

An experience across all devices was the prominent tweak in this round of updates.

Which leads to the rumor…

“Google Favors Sites With A Mobile Presence” and also “Favors Sites That Use Responsive Design.”

When it comes to mobile marketing the check list is…

1- Does my site have a mobile version?

2- Does my site use responsive design to conform to site visitor?

If those two questions are answered – the next stepping stone in mobile marketing is deciding if an iPhone or Android Mobile App

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

makes sense for your business.

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