Google Ads and We Told You So Moment

October 20, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Google’s “ We Told You So” Moment.

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you watch the tech news and the financial headlines?

I’m a big fan of both.

This past Friday the news was all about Google’s stock crossing the 1k mark.

A big milestone for sure.

How did Google get there?

It’s all because of the ads that appear on the web in two places (I’ll cover both in a second).

Interesting because I always hear people say… “I never click those ads.”

Well, someone is clicking to the tune of a 26% increase year over year for paid clicks.

This means more Google Ads in more places… Both Mobile and Desktop… are being clicked more often.

The two places Google Ads Appear…

1- The Search Network. Google’s search network is pretty straight forward…

When someone searches both “Organic Results” (non-paid, but properly optimized and relevant) and Ads show up on the page.

That’s why Google Adwords is a great compliment to a strong organic search campaign.

2- The Google Display Network: It used to be called the “Content Network.” This vast network reaches a majority of web users in some way. The Google Ads Display Network shows ads on websites that are partnered with Google.

The Google Display Network will show your ad based on keywords, contextually and evolving now, affinity.

One very interesting point that came up was Google’s claim that across the board average “CPC” (Cost-Per-Click) has dropped because of mobile.

However, I must say… I have seen ad rates remain steady or rise in most cases.

I still see “Mobile Only” campaigns requiring less on a daily budget but other than mobile only, most cpc is up.

Have a good week.

I hope this glimpse into what Google has going on helps you make some marketing decisions.


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