Facebook Turns 10 and I was a Dumass

February 02, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Facebook Turns 10/ I was a D-u-m-a-s-s & my favorite Commercial – EVER!

For you spelling correctors… Hold your horses I’ll tie the D-u-m-a-s-s in at the end.

And yes… even though… we haven’t seen the commercials yet I am not changing my vote for my all time favorite commercial EVER!

Turning 10…

Did you know… This Tuesday Facebook turns 10?

How crazy is that?

A 10 year-old company valued at 150+ billion that reaches 1.25 billion people.

The question I’ll be asked and answering on Tuesday…

Will Facebook be around 10 years from now?


And we’ll fill you in on why come Tuesday.

My D-U-M-A-S-S moment…

Inside joke… In my circle of friends and now even with my girls…

We say “Dumass” to point out some stupid behavior.

I was a Dumass about Facebook about five years ago.

Back in early 2009 I still really felt it would go the way of Myspace.

Mainly because I had just spent a couple of years building up a “Myspace following” … what a waste of time… and watched it crash and burn.

At that time being bitter… I couldn’t see the full potential of Facebook.

It wasn’t until early 2010 when I started fooling around with the Facebook Ads platform that I was a believer.

So much that beyond some LinkedIn efforts and checking out new social platforms…. Facebook is where I spend most of my time and efforts for us and clients.

Side Note: I recently checked out “Hang With.” It’s a new one that allows live broadcasts to followers.

This note is to wish you the best of success on Facebook with your business.

I would love to hear your success stories.

And, this week… I’d be happy to take some questions about Facebook and Facebook Ads.

Comment Below or Email Me.


The D-U-M-A-S-S…

My favorite commercial of all time!


Dumass Comercial

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