Facebook Page Likes and Measure of Social Media Success

May 24, 2013
Mike Dolpies

A few weeks ago we conducted a very basic research project.

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It was a snap-shot of 114 companies in a particular industry.

These companies reported annual revenue between two and five million.

They were established.

In business for a minimum of five years.

Our mission was to use their Facebook Page Like count as a measuring stick of their overall Social Media Success.

Seems like an assumption right?

Using “Like Count” on Facebook as a measurement.

I agree – certainly we are making some assumptions.


Facebook has more than 1.1 billion users and their engagement levels are up not down contrary to popular belief. So there are more “likes” happening these days, not less.

Facebook strategy is typically a good indicator of the business embracing other social media platforms.

Yes – I know someone can be a Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or Youtube Master and not do much on Facebook.

But usually Facebook is where things start.

So why make the assumption “Like Count” is a measurement of strategy and success on Facebook?

Simply because when you boil it down Facebook Marketing for your business can be summed up to a “two-fold” mission…

1- Follower/Fan/Like Acquisition = Your mission to attract targeted page likes who fit the general image of who you want to do business with…. eventually. I say eventually because Facebook is WILL NOT produce instant results!


2 – Content Marketing.

Without a “Like-Building” initiative in place it is really hard to get much traction.

The findings of this little research project?

60% of these companies had LESS than 200 Page Likes.

And I could be wrong –but I would bet this number is an accurate representation of numerous industries.


Change your mindset about your strategy.

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