Facebook Nearby Friends and Facebook Marketing

April 22, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Let’s talk a little bit about Facebook’s newest feature roll out.

Nearby Friends.

But first…

There’s an important tip built in here.

And that’s…

“Who Cares?”

Meaning… Who cares if you don’t “use” something or “do something.”

It almost doesn’t matter.

It matters if your prospects are “using it” and “doing it.”

An example…

Let’s use Facebook because we’re talking Facebook in this post and, as you know, Facebook is where I spend 80% of my social media time for myself and clients.

Every now and then I run into a small biz owner who will say something like…

“I don’t use Facebook. I don’t care what someone is eating for lunch. I don’t want to know if someone is going to the bathroom!”

Honestly… In all my years I have really never read an update where someone said they were going to the bathroom. Just sayin.

But, I have heard the above “rant” from different people over the years.

Again… who cares?

What if your best prospects – the ones – that really – had a need and desire for what you have – posted all day about going to the bathroom? Would that bother you? (Even though they don’t) would it matter that you “don’t want to know?”

Onward (as I could go on and on about that one)…

Let’s talk “Nearby Friends.”

Facebook’s latest attempt to bring the real world alive.

Simple… turn the feature on and share your exact location with your friends.

All with the idea to hangout once you connect.

There’s a little more to it – than that.

But anyway…

If this catches on this can be an awesome advertising/marketing tool for us.

Imagine being able to market to folks who were in a close proximity to you in real time?

Good stuff.

We’ll see where it goes.

Useless Knowledge: A few years ago there was a social network called “Color.” It attempted to do this location connection thing, exclusively. Obviously it never caught on or you would have heard of it.

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