Facebook Marketing 1 Year After IPO

May 20, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Do you remember anniversaries?

Of course you do… but you may have missed this one…

English: a beer bottle from Texas i took mysel...

English: a beer bottle from Texas i took myself This picture I took myself and allow anyone to use it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a year since Facebook became a publicly traded company.

While the share price has not gone back up to the $38 mark since IPO day –a lot has happened.


Facebook is floating at 1.11 Billion users. WOW!

That number is up from a year ago.

Impressive considering how “not so new” Facebook really is.

Worth Noticing…

The number of “Likes” and “Content Items Shared” are both way up… 67% and 94% respectively.

Those numbers indicate more interaction and more engagement over-all.

In short – more voyeurism and more narcissism to prove Facebook’s real grip on social media.

Don’t be offended by the voyeurism and narcissism – it’s the truth.

What’s interesting is how these stats are counter to the popular belief that “Facebook Fatigue” is setting in.

Further proves the real truth about human nature…

What humans say and do are often two different things.

It’s why Facebook is counting more engagement on their site while people are “saying” they’re “taking a break.”

It’s why regular old Budweiser is the best-selling beer even though folks claim to “only drink premium beer.”

It’s why fast-food joints are still in business even though people say… “we prefer healthier food!”

Anyway – Humans… What can you do? Ask Dr. Phil, I guess.

Better yet – just live with it. People like Fast-food and “Plain Beer.”

Humans are complicated.

Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be.

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