Facebook Local Awareness Ads and Other Updates

October 10, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads – Floating @72% and Not Dead Yet…

To start this week  —  a few updates…

For any “Consumer-Facing Businesses”  — Business that sell to Harry and Marg… every day consumers, homeowners, etc… I stand by my recommendation over the past several years…

Facebook and Facebook Ads is still the best social media play to reach these guys and girls.

Two recent developments with Facebook Ads…

One – For hyper-local businesses Facebook just introduced Local Awareness Ads.

I am testing these for our “other” local business and we’ll keep you posted.

Then… Something I have been excited about for a while…Facebook Ads across mobile apps and other sites.

Facebook has rolled out its Ad Network to scale outside of Facebook.

It uses the treasure of data that Facebook owns on all users while allowing marketers to find them on other web and mobile properties. This development has been in the works for years.

Many of us saw it coming because for Facebook to earn more – they have no choice but to sell more ads.

However – Facebook is very sensitive about annoying users with too many ads.

This moves makes perfect sense and I am looking forward to testing it for ourselves and a few clients.

As always… In social media marketing… the two main responsibilities are Content Marketing and Follower Acquisition.

Down but not out…

Google+ is still hanging in there.

Last update…

We are now floating around 72% of U.S. cell phone users carrying smartphones. That’s a whole lot!

Have a good week.


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