Email Marketing For Your Small Business

May 06, 2013
Mike Dolpies

The other day I read a report with an astonishing number…

175 Billion Emails are sent daily.

Naturally, the question comes up…

“How many of those are spam?”

Well, that number did not count spam.

And real quick… What is spam?

Spam is an email that is unsolicited.

To be technical…

If you receive an email for a commercial purpose and you did not previously “opt-in.”

You did not go to a website and willingly give your email address to the sender. That is spam.

Back to the 175 Billion

The bigger take away about the HUGE number is what it represents…

Email is still the main communication tool of the internet.

Still highly effective for business communication.

I get a kick out of the social media gurus who yap on and on about how “email is dead.”

I find it interesting how I get more emails from Twitter that I do tweets!

Twitter sends me emails to tell me about all those tweets I missed – LOL.

And the greater take-away is the fact you should be doing or you should start doing email marketing for your business.

When I talk to people about email marketing – the common excuses for not doing it are…

“Well – only like 10% of people are going to open it, so what’s the use!”

Poor – attitude! Truth is ALL of our businesses are based on small numbers. Meaning: It’s the minority, not the majority that are going to support your business and you must be OK with that!

“I don’t have a list.”

Well, when are you going to start building one? You didn’t have a list two years ago – when would you like to start?

And when I run across folks who are using email marketing and do have nice size lists – the number one foul committed is…

Not Using The F word

Not enough Frequency.

Once a month – no – that’s not gonna cut it.

You’ll actually bother your the folks on your email list more with a “once a month” approach.

Once a week – a few times a week…. that’s the way to do it.

Of course, you need to make sure you have something to say!


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