Change Happens But Forward Motion Does Not

April 08, 2014
Mike Dolpies

Let’s go back to a subject that is near and dear to me.

In the beginning of 2009 I sat down to begin writing my first book.

Before this effort I had attempted to write three previous books.

I did write them.

In fact, they are sitting on a hard drive powered by Windows XP. (Bye-Bye XP).

But this subject grabbed me.

It was the idea that nothing really happens until you get in motion and make it happen.

The whole idea of “Motion” was the key.

And then – I settled on a title…

Motion Before Motivation. I liked the double “M.”

Finally… After a New York Times Bestselling author convinced me my sub-title was horrible did I had a good sub-title…

“The Success Secret That Never Fails.”

9 months later, in September of 2009 (I did not plan for 9 months – although it was a birthing process.), the book…

“Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails” was born.

The book has some fun/entertaining and informative bloody details of some tough times in my life and the lessons to take away. It chronicles some successful ventures and gives you solid ideas.

Five Years Ago…

I was in the middle of my plan to bring the book to life.

And that plan summarizes a major area of importance for your business and life.

Change Happens. The fact is… January of 2009 to September of 2009 were going to happen no matter what. The grips of the recession. The Dow-Jones hitting its low in March. Life un-folded and so did change.

Change Happens.

But forward motion toward your goals doesn’t. Unless you make it happen.

My plan to get the book done and live the core message of the book… consistent action… was to write for 45 minutes a day – five days a week.

Essentially breaking down the goal to small steps of progress and forward motion.

By June I was done and had something I felt proud of.

Windows XP

Windows XP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next three months I spent time learning the publishing process.

By September it was live and by November it hit bestseller status on Amazon.

Anyway… we will leave out the details…

The take away as you aim to conquer another week of change and challenge…

Change Happens… Forward Motion toward Your Goals Doesn’t.

You have to make forward motion and progress happen every day.

Have a great week!

And if you’d like to check out that “classic” book… the place to go is…

Motion Before Motivation

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