Beware of SEO Services Promising Local Online Reviews

September 24, 2013
Mike Dolpies

Just like anything that works it’s only a matter of time before people (people just can’t resist temptation) find a way to

Billy Joel

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“game the system” or out right defraud in the name of business.

It happened for a long time in the “Organic Search Engine” world.

Strategies known as “Black-Hat SEO” were made popular because they promised, and sometimes delivered, an often temporary bump in search rankings.

  • Link Farms
  • Duplicate Content
  • Overly Optimized Content

And the list goes on and on.

Fast forward to recent times…

It’s no surprise a few “Search Engine Marketing Firms” were recently busted and fined for trying to “game” the new big thing in local online marketing…


Make no mistake about it – Reviews work.

And heck… A few less than perfect reviews among a bunch of good reviews are just fine and dandy too.

However –

The Reviews MUST BE REAL!

Long story short – the companies promised big results for clients by gathering “reviews” for them.

And sure, they gathered a ton.

But the reviews were bogus!

Written by folks in distant lands for pennies.

“Yuuup” – someone in the Philippines gets hired to write great reviews about the local Italian restaurant. Billy Joel is so upset!

When we do “Local Online Marketing” for our clients we drive home the importance of reviews.

And of course, if we’re in the Geo-Area and have actually used/consumed the service/product we will give an honest review.

Other than that we..

Make sure all possible review directories are “ready to go” and optimized.

We build in a “Review Engine” to make it as easy as possible to gather reviews.

We give clients some wording/scripting to help them encourage their clients/customers to review.

But other than that – they are on their own and that’s the way it should be.

Does your site have a “Review Engine” built in?

Let’s check that and 47 Other “Must Have” Online Marketing Principles Right Here… “Free 48 Point Check Up.”


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