Be Aggressive With Your Internet Marketing

March 03, 2013
Mike Dolpies

My daughters have one more week of basketball left.

Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When six to nine year-olds play basketball the games are low-scoring defensive struggles.

Playing the games helps them practice some of the skills they learn while doing the drill portion –

Passing, shooting, dribbling, team-work.

All good stuff.

I always let my girls know they did well and then give them a few pointers on how they could improve – followed by more positive feedback.

This week I liked the way they both looked for chances to pass the ball and did.

Most of the kids are sort of clueless about the idea of passing the ball at that age.

During game time they were on opposite teams. Rissa was on the winning team.

Julia expressed in a high-pitch eight year-old voice… (whining!)

“The team that Sam is on always wins!”

Sam scored seven of the nine total baskets made in the entire game between both teams!

A little Wilt Chamberlain

Who was guarding Sam? I don’t know.

I told Julia that Sam is aggressive…

He goes after the ball.

He grabs rebounds.(followed by an explanation of what rebounds are!)

He moves around even when other kids are trying to take the ball from him. Most kids just freeze.

He takes shots.

He’s gonna be pretty good some day!

Sam can teach us a little about Internet Marketing.


Being aggressive and taking shots.

When it comes to your internet marketing the more you do – the more results you will see.

While meeting with a client last Friday we touched on the idea of “funnels.”

In particular…

“Multiple Funnels.”

We talked about building on our current Google Adwords strategy.

For testing purposes we’ve been running Adwords campaigns with one goal in mind – to sell one of their products.

And in the last few weeks – we have moved a few units.

But the reality is going right for the sale after a click is one of the toughest things you can do with Adwords and internet marketing in general.

Sure – one campaign can be for making the sale.

You drive the clicks to a landing page with the product on it. For anyone ready to buy the product – mission accomplished!

But for the rest of them – they are gone when they decide it is “not time to buy.”

That’s why we have to be aggressive and have multiple funnels in place.

We discussed multiple funnels for lead generation.

This way – we can build “nurture campaigns” via email, phone and direct mail.

We can use Adwords to drive clicks to landing pages that offer “Complimentary Information” and “White Papers.” Free samples sent by mail. We even discussed the idea of creating a book related to the product and market that we can sell for $5.

The idea is to be aggressive.

The more you do and the more shots you take – the more you score.

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