2014 SMB Online Marketing Predictions

December 30, 2013
Mike Dolpies

As I look back on previous year-end tips I realized there aren’t too many in the “predictions” department.

So here goes…

A few ideas, thoughts and predictions for SMB Online Marketing in 2014…

Mobile will continue its upswing when it comes to online traffic.

I remember a couple of years back when I was doing a lot of speaking on the subject of Mobile Marketing I used to share a chart which showed the intersection of mobile traffic passing desktop traffic. The time is quickly approaching.

Multiple Screens – One User…

More of the above in 2014. The user consuming content and information on three, four and sometimes more screens during the course of the day.

This trend means Responsive Web Design is key.

Social Media…

More of the same.

Facebook will not be knocked down any time soon. It’s too much of a utility in people’s lives.

But teens will continue to deny they are using it. They do not like the fact, their parents and grand-parents are on Facebook.

All they can do is get over it and leave for good. Perhaps they come back when they hit twenty or so.

Who knows.

When it comes to your business and Facebook I predict you will make a choice.

A choice to embrace it. That is… Remembering the two basics… Content Marketing and Follower acquisition.

Or… Delete your Facebook Business Page and move on.

Content Marketing:  SMB’s who embrace using their website as their “Media Hub” will start to be rewarded more by Google. Let’s face it – the day of reckoning still has not arrived and there are still some bad websites ranking because of “how long they’ve been around.” We will see the shift.

Content Marketing consists of using your own website and choosing the right social media outlets.


Google will continue to dominate with their Android operating system. IOS will slip.

Email Marketing:

Still not going away anytime soon despite what the social media gurus told us a few years ago.

Those who embrace it and do it right will see results.

OK – that’s it for now.

Some random online marketing predictions.

Happy New Year to You!


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