2014 Google Algorithm Changes

January 05, 2014
Mike Dolpies

They Did It 15 Times in 2013

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s ahead?

Meaning .. this year…

What’s ahead for Google?

In 2013 they tweaked their algorithm fifteen times.

More than 35 times in 2012.

Why all the Google Algorithm changes?

Because all of this is still in a massive shift.

Where are we heading?

How many tweaks this year?

Who knows.

What do we know?


I told you about this a couple of months ago.

It’s Google moving toward conversation.

Many mobile searches are done via voice.

It’s not great just yet – but it’s getting better.

Recently Google got a deal with Audi to have Android power the software in their cars.

A conversation with your car only makes sense, doesn’t it.

We’ll all be Michael Knight. “Kitt!”

As 2014 UN-folds content will be given more attention.

Google made a change to analytics that has kept us guessing.

Secure Organic Searches.

This means it’s not as easy for us to see every search term that brought visitors to our sites.

Two reasons why they did this…

1- Because you can get this data inside Adwords. Meaning – if you’re a paying advertiser -it’s yours. Some value there huh?

The other reason…

2- Temptation…

If you see the exact organic search terms that bring visitors to your site the temptation is there for you to add “not so quality content” to beef up your site’s density on those keywords. Hey, you’re only human.


Think “Authority” – think “Unique Content” – that’s where we’re going.

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